Thermal Processing

Thermal processing is one of the prominent research areas of the department. The focus is on development and study of the use of novel thermal processing technologies, e.g., process with retortable carton and application of ohmic heating to food industry, as well as on industrial problem related to thermal processes, e.g., inhibition of browning of pineapple chunk in light syrup packed in non-metal container. The outreach work aimed at household-level production of canned acidified bamboo shoot is also undertaken. This includes development of small-scale pasteurizer for thermal treatment of acidified bamboo shoot in rectangular cans as well as in laminated pouches. Combined method or hurdle technology is also employed to improve the product quality.

Application of image analysis for color determination of solid foods is another topic of interest. Specific areas of applications include quality control of processed fruit, e.g., pineapple chunks, with the expectation that color can be analyzed faster and cheaper by image analysis than by visual inspection and other instrumental methods. Roasting of poultry products is another application. The research aims to improve the quality of roasted products and the performance of a steam roaster. Browning development on the surface of cooked chicken during roasting, heat and mass transfer of a cooked product undergoing roasting process are among the main topics of interest.