Novel Food Processing Technologies

Thailand has been dubbed as “the kitchen of the world” since our food products are distributed and consumed in every corner of the world. Our food export figures and food production capacity are advancing continuously in recent years. However, the industry still utilizes obsolete technologies characterized by long processing time, labor intensiveness, excessive energy consumption, and high cost per unit of production. Our research group is established to tackle food processing inefficiency and emphasizes on revolutionizing and reinventing conventional industrial food technologies. We have a long history of industrial problem solving and collaboration with major food and drug manufacturers (e.g., Saha Farm Group, Ampol Food, Sam Roy Yod, Biolab, etc.) More than 50 food innovations and patents, our competent researchers have boosted Thailand’s food processing revenue several billion bath annually. Among many inventions, our novel salted yolk brining process has been filed for 2 patents, disseminated in 6 international publications and recognized by the office of the national research council of Thailand as National Outstanding Invention Award in Science, Technology and Industry (1st prize winner of engineering and industrial research invention category). This new brining process was able to shorten curing time from 14-21 days to merely 6 hours enabling replacement of duck eggs by chicken eggs for better GMP and HACCP implementation. Our pursuit of fast detection for pathogenic contamination is on-going. We are still striving for and opening to innovative ideas and better ways to manufacture food and drug for the better living of Thai people.